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Loads of Events and site visits.  We are bound to make the press every now and again.

And we have our own News!


Join us and our journey to gain new skills and great experiences.  Achieve and succeed in our safe and dedicated environment. Meet new friends and become part of Beneficial!


Learn about the way we work and the services we provide.  Care and Safeguarding are at the heart of our work. Skilled staff, planned lessons, an engaging environment and a good dose of fun!


Support The Beneficial Foundation and our work - Sponsor Us!   Help us to continue to provide fulfilling training services for our students - see how you can Help!


Our work is about helping our students gain the confidence and skills to contribute to society.  We do this with trainig and practical experience.  Perhaps you could help here? 

While the Beneficial Foundation goes about its work, we and our students often generate newsworthy items.  Some of them are of interest to our own circle, others to the wider Portsmouth community!

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The Beneficial Foundation's Own News Channel

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