Students Learn Employable Skills at Beneficial Foundation

Employers - pathways for opportunities

The Beneficial Foundation is a people expert organisation. We understand how people think and behave. Our person-centred approach enable employees to focus on creating the right conditions for change to take place. Creating more effective and productive staff.

When employers provide an outlet for growth and learning, it sends a powerful message to employees that their individual progress is valued and encouraged.

Motivate staff
Improve communication
Increase employee retention
Improve confidence
Build self-esteem

We have developed Foundation Learning, which is a way for individuals to show potential employees that they are building strong employment skills, whilst putting themselves in control of their development. It gives them real choice in their career and recognises that they need tailored support and the ability to start and progress at their own pace in order to forge their own success.

With the Beneficial foundation partnering with City & Guilds, we enjoy unrivalled benefits for delivering Foundation Learning and securing this success. 

Pathways for Opportuntities is designed for people with learning difficulties enabling the development of skills, self-esteem and confidence.


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