Our Data Protection Statement

This Statement is intended to explain our practices used for processing contact data. As a learning provider we maintain data in soft and hard copy format, concerning relevant aspects of our students and staff.  This data is required in order for us to safely and securely perform our contracted obligations.

Firstly, we know where our data is. It is held on our private IT network and is not shared externally with any other service or organisation.  This is categorical!

Our paper records are maintained inside our secured office location, controlled by our document control policy, which specifies who can and cannot access information.

Secondly, we protect it to the best of our ability. Our staff know their stuff and manage data to the highest practical standards.  Like any computer based system anywhere, it would be disingenuous to claim 100% security - but we are confident that the effort required by an unauthorised person to get their hands on the data we hold would simply be far more than the value of anything we hold.

Thirdly, we only hold data concerning current, past and (hopefully) future students and staff.  Obviously, if you are currently a student, we will need to hold something about you to identify your requirements, goals, contact details and achievements.

Fourthly, we do not hold any financial data about people.  We don't hold anything your credit / debit cards.

Fifthly, if you want to contact us to discuss anything about the way we have dealt with any details we might hold about you, you can contact us during office hours, by phone on +44 23 9273 3822 or by email (24 x 7 x 365).

Sixthly, we incorporate Data Protection in our staff Terms of Employment and run regular training sessions, in-house, to ensure that staff understand the regulations and our policies.  If we make any mistakes, you can blame our Director - Jennie - who carries the can!