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Carers - your health & wellbeing

Caring on any level is exhausting, both physically and emotionally.

You might be sleep deprived because you are caring during the night as well as during the day
You might be holding down a full-time job as well as caring for a loved one
• You might be juggling looking after other members of your family around other caring needs
You might be experiencing stress, depression and other mental health issues due to the demands placed upon you
You might be experiencing problems in your relationships; with your partner, family or friends
At the Beneficial Foundation, we hope to provide you with a little respite time. While we look after those in your care, you can look after yourself. Put simply, we want to ‘help the helpers’.

Our aims are to:

provide you with time when you can mentally and physically refresh
give you peace of mind that those in our care will experience something positive and safely whilst you are away
free up some time for you to concentrate on other important matters, your family, your job, yourself 

Call us on 023 9273 3822 to discuss how we can help you, help yourself and others.