Students Learn Employable Skills at Beneficial Foundation

Employers - your chance to shine!

In the busy world of running a successfull business, efficiency and optimum performance are obvious goals.  But there is more!

Helping others who are struggling to achieve, is very rewarding. And in the wider community your contributions, whether they be providing employment, sponsorship or even promoting the Beneficials work, are seen and appreciated,  Against the backdrop of massive council and government cutbacks, for whatever reasons, the outcome is that the Beneficial needs your help more than ever..

Please think about how you can help us improve the lives of those who we assist!  Perhaps you could offer;

  • a training place
  • a part time position
  • a full time job?
  • an internship
  • Work experience

We have developed Pathway to Opportunities, which is centred around the student and includes a personlised plan that the student will bring with them.  Beneficial will stay in touch and support both you and the Student, wherever we can.

The Beneficial foundation partners with City & Guilds.

Pathways for Opportuntities is designed for people with learning difficulties enabling the development of skills, self-esteem and confidence.


Call us on 023 9273 3822 to discuss possible placements.